About the Club


                                                            50 YEARS OF WHEELING

 The Diablo 4 Wheel Drive Club was formed in September 1965 with the purpose of promoting four wheeling.  They also wanted to participate in community service activities and enjoy and protect our natural resources.  Needless to say Diablo 4 Wheelers have continued to uphold these standards.

 Over the last 50 years the club has been very active, and today we have over 80 members and are growing.  For 28 years our Club helped out with the annual March of Dimes Walk-A-Thon.  We also have sponsored a child with vision disabilities to attend a summer camp.  Five years ago we became involved with Wampler Kids and their summer Camp which is known as Camp WAMP (Wheel Chair Access Mountain Program). We help to transport the kids into Lake Hawley to spend the week of camping in the High Sierras.  We are members of CA4WDC, Blue Ribbon Coalition and are on committees for CAL4Wheel Winter-Fun-Fest as well as CAL4Wheel Sierra Trek.  Over the years the club has donated monies to many non-profit groups.

 D4W is involved in the Adopt-A-Trail program, for the last 32 years the Club has maintained the Bear Valley Loop in the Tahoe National Forrest outside of Truckee, California.  We are also helping to restore the Sardine Lookout located above the Bear Valley Trail. Conservation is very important to the club! We believe in the “Tread Lightly” concept of protecting our natural resources and are constantly educating others about responsible wheeling and the need to clean up your oil spills as well as the use of portable toilets on the trail.

 D4W is very much a family oriented group.  We really enjoy four wheeling together and have lots of laughs.  Some of our members started out riding in car seats in the back of their parents’ jeep and now are members themselves with their families.  Our Members range from teens to the “seasoned citizens”.  We have very experienced as well as “newbie” off-roaders.  The Club has monthly trips starting out with our snow run in January and then in February it’s off to Death Valley.  We have a Club Safety Clinic every year in April to help guide the new members to the world of wheeling as well as refresh the memories of the seasoned off roaders.  As a Club we try and have a run every month.

 The Club has many different vehicles, from stock to extreme rock crawlers.  Depending on your skill and rig, you can pick and choose your runs, whether it is the Rubicon, Fordyce or some of our SUV runs.  The best times on these runs are in the evening around the campfire when you share all of your experiences of the day.

 Diablo 4 Wheelers is based in Concord, California.  Our meeting is held at Fudruckerss on the first Tuesday of every month. Contact Jenny Ward Jenny_ward@att.net for more information

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